WVDSA Freedom Bike Camp Schedule

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Bike Week Details

Mandatory information night: Sunday, July 5th 4:00-5:00

Bike Week Dates: Monday, July 6th through Friday, July 10th

Five Sessions per Day

Fee: $175

Schedule of Sessions

Session Number Check in time Start time End time
8:00 8:15 9:30
2 9:35 9:50 11:05
11:10 11:25 12:40
4 12:40 1:oo 2:15
3:05 3:20 4:35

Pre-Skills for Bike Camp Success

Is this appropriate for my child?

It’s important to emphasize that this program is built around the premise that children will learn the skills necessary to ride a traditional two wheel bicycle.  This goal is obviously predicated on the assumption that children are skilled and comfortable with steering, pedaling and keeping their eyes forward. A few students learn all these things during Bike Week, but success is most likely when campers arrive with these fundamental pre-skills.

The nature of Bike Camp necessitates that the child must be:

  • Ambulatory
  • Able to keep their feet on the pedals and maintain pedaling
  • Able to keep their hands on the handlebars and turn
  • Able to see sufficiently to avoid obstacles and maintain a path of travel
  • Willing to follow instructions and motivated to learn to ride
  • Willing to wear a helmet
  • Under 180 pounds (weight restriction for our bikes)

Our experience has shown that behavioral considerations are extremely important—children may be physically able to ride, but if they cannot be persuaded to get on the bike and follow our instructions, they may not succeed. We have also found that children 8 and older tend to do better than younger children, but even more important is how motivated each child is to learn.  There is no maximum age level.

Bike Camp is a big commitment on everyone’s part, and though our goal is to have fun, we take our commitment very seriously. Volunteers put in many hours and there is always a waiting list, so being on time is critical and attendance for the full week is mandatory.

If you or your child cannot commit to a full week of conscientious participation, please bypass this program for now and wait until you’re ready.

But, if you believe that the time is now, read the “For Parents” section below for more information.

For Parents

It’s been our experience that most riders do better when their parents aren’t in the learning area. Individuals are often more willing to take risks and are more open to novelty when they’re with unfamiliar spotters.

We also recognize that parents are the ultimate experts on what makes their children tick. That’s one of the reasons we ask you to provide a full-face photo and some information about your child’s disability, as well as things that motivate your child. We create files for each participant that our spotters use to familiarize themselves with their assigned rider.

To minimize distractions, families are requested to wait outside the learning area until it’s time for their session. In addition, parents and family members are required to stay in the entrance area of the building during their child’s session, unless permission is granted by the Clinic Director.

On the last several days of the Freedom Bike Camp, parents should come prepared in comfortable clothing and running shoes. We might need you to help run along side your child while the spotter teaches you how to help your child become an independent rider.

Your child must promise to come every day, be on time, and not practice outside of clinic. In addition, they must not take any other camps this week. Their body needs time to process and memorize what they’ve learned each day. Also, review the Tips for Campers section below with your child.

For Campers

Is it hard to ride without your training wheels? Bike riding should be fun and easy, so we’re here to help!

Get ready for a wonderful week with our special bicycles. They ride just like regular bikes, but they rarely tip over. You get lots of practice with leaning and turning.  At least two trained spotters will always be with you, encouraging you to pedal faster and helping you along.

Bike Week is a big commitment

You have to promise to come every day, be on time, and not practice outside of clinic. In addition, you must not take any other camps this week. Your body needs time to memorize what you learn each day.

Talk it over with your parents and if you’re not sure, you can always wait until next year. But if you’re ready, we hope you and your parents decide to register for our program. If you do, make sure to bring your helmet and wear comfy clothes and tennis shoes. Each day, also bring a filled water bottle.

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